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Welcome to our website - Serenity Now Counseling

Welcome to the Serenity Now Counseling Center, LLC official website. We appreciate you taking the time and energy to look into our company and the services we offer. The name, Serenity Now, is derived from both a desired outcome of the therapeutic process and a Seinfeld reference, both of which may be viewed as comical in nature… On Seinfeld, Serenity Now was a mantra used to create the desired outcome of being calm and serene. However, it somehow had the opposite affect on those who used it!

Furthermore, the idea of demanding immediate peace and serenity in any given life situation is oxy-moronic since the road to serenity is all about the journey and the insight, learning, and growth which result from a surrender of sorts that take place along the way, not via a drive thru! I believe humor is incredibly important in life and in therapy. It can be a source of strength and a source of healing. Hence, “Laughter is good for the soul.”

Call Serenity Now Counseling CenterOur Mission: To help individuals and families achieve desired growth in their lives.

Our Philosophy: When one throws a stone into any body of water, no matter the size of the stone or the body of water, a phenomenon occurs each and every time. The water ripples around the rock’s point of impact. People react similarly.

With just one word, each one of us has the ability to impact the world around us, our family members, our friends, our neighbors, our communities, our society. A kind word or deed to someone can set their state of mind for an entire day and in turn cause that person to share kindness with all those encountered in that day.
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